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Orlando Florida based Cash Play Media Group is a full service multi-media production and publishing firm dedicated to helping creative minds capitalize on their talents. CPMG was founded in response to the rapidly changing climate of the entertainment industry and the decline of traditional revenue streams. As a music publisher, CPMG is always looking to find great songs and pair them with influential artists, television music directors, film projects and other lucrative opportunities. With change comes opportunity and CPMG is constantly searching for new outlets and ways to exploit technology for the benefit of our artists. We monitor the industry and keep track of upcoming music/film projects and the type of music that is needed.

Image & Branding

Brand Consulting

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Logo Design

Social Media Branding

Media Kit

Record & Promote

2 Hours Studio Time

1 Song Mixed

Mastered Versions

In-Studio Promo Video

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Merch Package

12 T Shirts (Full Color Print)

1000 Business Cards

200 Printed CD's

Blog Submission

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