Audio Mixing & Mastering

Post Production Rates

Mixing- Instrumentals 1-5 (Includes mastering)- $75.00 ea

Mixing- Instrumentals 5-10 (Includes mastering)- $60.00 ea

Mixing 1-5 (2track instr. & vocals) Includes Mastering- $100.00 ea

Mixing 5-10(2track instr. & vocals) Includes Mastering- $75.00 ea

Mixing 1-5 (Tracked out instr & Vocals) mastering included)- $160.00 ea

Mixing 5-10 (Tracked out instr & Vocals) mastering included)- $125.00 ea

Mastering 1-5 tracks- $75 ea

Mastering 5-10 tracks- $60 ea

There are a few options for getting us your material. You can use our upload form at the bottom of this page or use a 3rd party file transfer service like dropbox or sendspace. Another option is to use our upload form to give us the link. Please do not email us files, if you are having difficulties contact us directly and we be glad to assist.


We'd like you to be happy with our services and would like to deliver superior customer service. If there is a clear error in the mix, ie poor fade in, poor fade out, volume spikes, missing audio we fix it for free.
Please submit change requests via email using the best description possible and include a phone number so our engineers can personally speak with you if they have any questions.

ALL MIXING PRICES INCLUDE 1 HOUR OF REVISION WORK PER SONG. There is an additional $50 per hour charge for any changes after the first free hour of revision work is used.

Please Note

To get the best mix possible we need to start with the best files possible. We require that all material be submitted in WAV format preferably 24 Bit 48k or higher. We will still accept 16 bit 44.1k. No MP3 files will be accepted for mixing work.

Payment for services is required via PayPal, Credit Card, or Western Union before your project can be booked.
***No pay no play***




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